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Date of publication 19.10.16 SSD architecture

Flash-memory cells are the core technology for solid state drives (SSD), and storage devices based on it (USB flash drives). However, before the information is recorded on a memory chip, it needs to go through several other SSD components. The basic SSD components are responsible for cell addressing, control, error correction and scaling.

Date of publication 16.10.16 Converged Infrastructure: What Advantages Does It Offer?

When a company has decided to choose hardware and software to deploy new IT infrastructure, it has two options: to opt for one of new hyper-converged solutions or to build its own system based on components from different vendors.

Date of publication 14.10.16 Hyper-scalable Cloud Services: the Benefits are Accessible to the Public

Over the past decade, data processing systems have undergone fundamental changes. According to IDC (International Data Corporation), the rapid development in the field of mobile and web applications, coupled with increasing commoditisation of content creation tools, has resulted in at least 30-fold growth in the production and consumption of information. In this context, companies are striving to find the ways to maximise the benefits from petabytes of the data they are now forced to keep. Fully automated clouds providing SaaS and IaaS services have become a flourishing business with m...