Data Center Ethernet Switch

Switch Series is designed to power next-generation data centers and cloud computing services. The series offers non-blocking and virtualized switching performance with high transparency and sustainability. The switch series is the solid foundation for enterprise-sized cloud computing network solution.

L2 access switches

L2 access switches are designed for building high speed networks of any complexity and scale, including metropolitan area networks (MAN). Advanced hardware, rich functionality, high performance.

L3 gigabit switches

High-tech gigabit switches capable of addressing telecommunications tasks at physical (L1), link (L2) and network (L3) layers. Advanced hardware and software architecture, broad functionality and high performance.

Switches with L3 functionality

Bulat BS5100 is a series of multiservice and high-performance switches of the latest generation with an advanced security. This type of switches implements a perfect hardware design, large routing tables, improved processing performance and usability.

General-purpose L2 switches

Multifunctional devices based on advanced hardware and software. The perfect solution for building and upgrading data networks of any purpose and scale, from corporate LANs to secured networks of strategic purpose.

Industrial Ethernet L2/L3 switches

These devices designed for heavy operating and industrial environments are equipped with a dust-proof housing (IP30, IP40 class of protection) and an advanced ventilation system. They are characterised by an extended range of operating temperatures, increased mean time between failures and low power consumption.